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A. Lange & Söhne’s 25th Anniversary of the LANGE 1

January 15, 2019

The LANGE 1 was the first watch of the new era and has been A. Lange & Söhne’s undisputed icon for 25 years.

Straightforward, functional, and efficient – these attributes define German design and the LANGE 1. Since it premiered on October 25th, 1994, it has epitomized
the core and the identity of A. Lange & Söhne. With its unique combination of classic style elements and technical innovations, it stands for the
determination of the Saxon manufacturer to craft the world’s finest watches. Even in its 25th year, the famous watch family created by A. Lange &
Söhne remains an unconditional success.

With its asymmetric dial, the three-day movement, and the first outsize date in a regularly produced wristwatch, the LANGE 1 elicited enthusiasm when it
had its debut in 1994. Its stringent design, technical innovations, and superb craftsmanship were convincing and sometimes even evoked euphoria. A
quarter of a century later, the instantly recognizable watch joined the roster of the 20th century’s great timepiece classics. That is why, despite
its new movement, it has remained almost unchanged externally. 


Its popularity turned the LANGE 1 into the cornerstone of a watch family with currently nine models. They come in various case diameters and are manually
wound or self-winding. The portfolio has been enriched with additional functions such as a moon-phase display, a second time zone, or as a combination
featuring a tourbillon and a perpetual calendar. Special models and limited editions rank among the coveted timepieces that regularly fetch record
prices at auctions.

In 2015, the LANGE 1 was endowed with a new, technically modified movement featuring a balance spring crafted in-house as well as a freely oscillating
cam-poised balance. Since then, the outsize date has switched precisely at midnight as well. There were only minimal changes to the unmistakable design,
which only stand out in direct comparison with the predecessor model. In 2019, the icon is still as contemporary as 25 years ago.

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