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Hearts On Fire: The Perfect Cut

February 27, 2019

Hearts on Fire, founded in 1996 by husband and wife team Glenn
and Susan Rothman, features distinctive diamond jewelry designed to memorialize engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and everything in between.

Crafted of signature-cut diamonds and carefully selected 18-carat metals, Hearts on Fire’s singular necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets celebrate current trends while also honoring classic elements
of design. A host of collections, from shooting-star themed Illa rings to the uber-modern Copley collection, offer a little something for every wearer.
True to the name, Hearts on Fire also offers an abundance of heart-themed pieces, from whimsical heart-inspired pendants to diamond-clustered heart-shaped
studs. Hearts affectionately interlock on the Lorelei Interlocking Heart Bracelet, and
the Fulfillment Clover Pendant dazzles with the light of perfectly-cut diamonds.


Hearts on Fire’s founders have always valued the luminosity of high-quality diamonds – and the company’s diamond experts make it their mission to keep
customers educated and informed. From cut to color, clarity to carat weight, Hearts on Fire diamonds represent the best of the best. Every diamond
is hand selected for quality, ensuring that each stone is internally clear and free of knots. Rough-cut diamond crystals are expertly cut and polished
for a clear, brilliant, and unmistakable sparkle – every single time. Exceptional manufacturing standards ensure that every stone is polished at 100X
magnification – ten times the industry standard! Best of all, every stone – even the tiniest accent diamonds – feature the signature Hearts on Fire
Fireburst pattern, which results from their superb and consistent cut.

About Hearts on Fire
Founded in 1996, Hearts on Fire founders Glenn and Susan Rothman sold out of their first collection of loose diamonds that same year. By 1996, the company
had gone global, reaching markets in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Caribbean. In 1999, Hearts on Fire launched its first collection of all-diamond
jewelry, and by 2002 the company had perfected and patented its Dream square-cut diamond – a process that took two years and thirty models to complete.
By 2007, Hearts on Fire had established itself as a true global luxury brand, having entered markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Over the years, the company has released numerous dynamic jewelry collections, which have launched in luxury-goods stores around the world. Best of
all, Hearts on Fire is committed to giving back, and in 2018, the company proudly forged a new partnership with Girls, Inc., an organization committed
to empowering young girls everywhere.
Royal Caribbean invites you to explore the unique, diamond-rich designs of Hearts on Fire.
Whether you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring or commemorating a decades-long marriage, we’re certain that Hearts on Fire has what it
takes to inspire and delight.