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Cartier’s “The Culture of Design” Icon Collection

May 5, 2023

Cartier introduces The Culture of Design, a campaign to celebrate the precision and cult designs of Cartier’s most iconic jewelry collection transcending time and space. The Icon Collection highlights seven of Cartier’s most adored pieces –Tank, Trinity, Juste un Clou, Santos, Love, Panthère, and Ballon Bleu.

Since the 19th century, the precise shapes and craftsmanship of the Cartier collection have been coveted and worn by royalty, celebrities, and style enthusiasts alike.

This legendary jewelry brand is admired globally for assembling the finest gems and pure gold to produce memorable jewelry pieces. Cartier remains one of the most notable jewelry houses set apart for its attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship. Today, you can still find Cartier’s jewelry collections on the red carpet and at elite, luxurious events and galas.

At Royal Caribbean, we take exceptional pride and authority in delivering luxurious, high-quality jewelry that makes moments last a lifetime. As an official carrier of Cartier watches, we’re here to highlight select cult favorites from Cartier’s Icon Collection that drive the design culture.

Here are a few of Cartier’s iconic watch collections available for you to shop at Royal Caribbean

Classic Elegance with Ballon Bleu de Cartier

woman's arm wearing ballon bleu watch by cartier

Ballon Bleu de Cartier is a collection of limitless elegance and euphony. The classic craftsmanship of Ballon Bleu offers precise shape and polished proportions. Each watch’s charming focal point is the domed sapphire crystal winding crown, displaying a subtle extravagance.

Ballon Bleu was launched in 2007 and has remained iconic since its creation while continuing to develop over the years. Men and women gravitate towards the Ballon Bleu collection because of its bold yet ethereal charm.

Elevated Sophistication with Panthère de Cartier

woman wearing panthere de cartier watch in yellow gold

Panthère de Cartier is a superior force. Noted as one of the most distinctive Cartier designs, Panthère de Cartier has been embraced by art lovers since the 1980s. Panthère is the only collection explicitly crafted for tastemaker women in Cartier’s Icon Collection.

Originally named after the Panthère bracelet, the classic timepiece collection doubles as a piece of jewelry, making it a true staple for any jewelry enthusiast. Cartier’s luxury watch, the Panthère offers small or mini models adorned with gold, diamonds, and rare gemstones. Displaying pure lines and an ultra-flexible band, it resembles the movements of the feline with its sophisticated jewelry structure.

The Panthère collection is iconic because of its recognizable sophistication and quintessential silhouette on any woman who wears it.

Bold & Refined Luxury with Santos de Cartier

santos de cartier watch on wrist

Santos de Cartier is rich with historical concepts and precision. In 1904, Louis Cartier crafted the first modern wristwatch for aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont and made history with Santos de Cartier.

The collection’s signature design features visible screws and a square silhouette that looks refined on the wrist. Available in 4 different models, sizes small through extra large, Santos offers endless options.

Cartier’s Santos collection is iconic because it revolutionized watchmaking and remains true to practicality and innovation as the designs evolve.

Classic Edge with Cartier’s Tank Francaise

tank de cartier watch on wrist

Crafted in 1917, the Tank watch was designed to resemble the aerial view of tanks used during the First World War. Branded by its flat vertical brancards design and rectangular face, the Tank collection offers avant-garde designs in opposition to watches with round faces.

The rectangular-shaped face and elegant Roman numerals make the Tank collection revolutionary and iconic timepieces.

Find your Perfect Cartier Icon Luxury Watch at Royal Caribbean

For nearly five decades, our Virgin Islands jewelry company has been delivering fine jewelry and other luxury product experiences to the St. Thomas islands. We’re proud to be the leading supplier of Cartier and other luxury jewelry brands.

With our knowledge and expertise in luxury watches and exclusive jewelry brands, our team can assist you with your next Cartier purchase.

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